Trueing Options

PST - One Hand Trueing Option

When wheels are designed with paired spoke technology, spokes are located very close to each other. Because of this, spokes have to be tightened separately to get the desired result. Holland Mechanics optimized this option for constant quality output, regardless of the wheel design.


ACCU Option

The ACCU option is used to measure the deviation in the hub. By spinning the hub back and forth quickly the robot analyses the deviation and adjusts the trueing process to it, a mathematical process humans can't adept to.


Stabilizing Option

The stabilizing option consists out of two rubber pressure points coming in from both sides of the wheel. This process is used to divide the tension over all spokes equally and at the same time it seats the nipples better in the rim. There are two kinds of stabilizers available, the frequency stabilizer and the regular stabilizer as seen in the video.


Dewinding Option

During the trueing process there is a chance that spokes twist a little along with the nipple. Dewinding puts pressure on one side of the rim, this ensures that the spokes are getting under pressure. Because of this pressure the spoke is stretched out like a cord so the twist disappears. 


Black Spoke Protection Option

Holland Mechanics has designed special nipple hands which prevent black spokes spokes from scratching. Not only do they protect them, they are also able to grab a flat spoke to prevent them from twisting during the trueing process.


TCS - Torque Control System Option

The torque control system is an OT only option which grabs the spoke at the moment of tightening. This prevents the spoke from twisting along with the nipple. The major benefit of this option is that the wheel quality remains constant, even after the trueing process.

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