1970 Development of the first Wheelbuilding Machine
1971 Holland Mechanics established in Hoorn, The Netherlands
1972 First Holland Mechanics agent Mr. Sudbrack for the German market
1973 Holland Mechanics moved to bigger factory in the city Medemblik
1973 Export rises: Holland Mechanics sells to more than 13 different countries
1977 Introduction of the first Wheel trueing Machine: Standard Robot 77-DA
1978 Holland Mechanics moved again to bigger site, Amsterdam
1979 More than 500 machines installed world wide
1981 Factory complete burned down, moved to Purmerend
1981 First Holland Mechanics agent for the Asian continent
1983 Introduction of Rim Punching and Dimpling Machine
1985 Introduction of Tire Fitter: BOA
1987 Moved to new 4.000 square meter plant in Purmerend
1989 Management buy-out; development of flexible machinery introduction of first Stabilizer
1990 Completion of Rimline with 2nd generation Sawing and Pinning Machine
1991 Market introduction second generation flexible machines: Robot SG, Intelligent Single Lacer
1992 Holland Mechanics takes over Veenstra Bending Systems
1996 Introduction of economic machines: DC introduced as successor of Robot 77 and SL Lacing Machine as cost effective alternative for ISL
1996 Holland Mechanics opens Asia Office & Servicecenter in Taiwan
1996 Redesign of Tire Fitter: the new TMC
1997 Opening Central Europe Office Poland
1998 New stabilizing principle on Stabilizer
1998 Hubfill Station: 90% of all hubs can now be filled
2000 DTI, Robot Teach Inn, automatic change over 16"-28"
2000 Introduction of HM PST Technology at Trek bicycle company
2001 HM opens second factory: Yangzhou, China
2003 Introduction of Sparta Ion E-Bike: built with HM wheel technology
2004 Highest Wheel Quality with QTape, QLock and QLets
2005 Special design wheels big hit in Europe
2007 Introduction of the Exclusive Line with Outside Trueing Technology
2008 Third generation machines are more accurate than hand building experts
2009 Machines fully adapted to the E-bike market
2010 Introduction of www.usedbicyclemachines.com
2011 Introduction of the Robot Quattro Four Hand Machine
2012 40 Years of Wheelbuilding
2013 Introduction of the Fully adapted Carbon Proline for the High-end Market
2014 Specialisation in Flexibility solutions
2016 Fully adapted to the FatBike trend
2017 Introduction of ATA (advanced trueing algorithm)
2018 Completion of world's first heavy-weight motor wheel truing robot