Gil Arbel  - Superpedestrian

"Holland Mechanics provides key systems for our line, we enlisted the   expertise of Holland Mechanics to improve spoke tensioning, and wheel truing. It does what used to take 30 minutes in now less than 3. The machines helped us cut costs, deliver consistent quality, and improve yield."

Boyd Johnson - Boyd Cycling

"Part of growing as a company is keeping up with demand. Last year we got one of the Holland Mechanics   lacing machines, this helps us with lacing and putting a small amount of tension on the wheels. With that we are able to build much faster ahead of time, so we're shipping out now in about a day or two instead of two or three weeks."

Jeff Bogstad - Trek

"We at Trek have been using Holland Mechanics equipment to build wheels for almost 30 years and I have been personally involved with Trek wheel production for almost as long, so I can say that I know this Dutch company pretty well. In my early days at Trek, wheel design was not much of an issue. But anyone following the development of the bicycle over the last 10 years has seen incredible progress in wheel design, component design and materials technology. I know Trek is constantly working to  produce the best performing wheels, while at the same time maintaining a tight control over costs and production standards. Trek has relied on Holland Mechanics to support our program by supplying wheel manufacturing technology that is versatile, reliable and can consistently deliver the required specifications.”

Neil Wilkinson - Superstar Components

“It was not a matter of investment but reducing the loss of revenues caused by outsourcing”

"All our wheels are built in the UK using the best equipment in the world. Working with Holland Mechanics who are leaders in wheel-building machinery we have a custom high end build line custom made for quality and accuracy. People like the phrase "hand-build" but to us that means variable quality. With our equipment we know every single wheel is built within 0.2mm accuracy (less than the sticker!), with zero spoke twist and even spoke tension every single build. The computer uses direct drive torque readings and 3 lasers to know exactly what is happening at every point of the rim. We just don't accept "Friday quality" wheels here, Perfect better than hand-build every time!"

"We see no point in trying to mislead, so yes they are built on the best robot available but it passes through several careful hands in the process."


Stephen Kaczmarek - Borealis

"We looked at a lot of wheel building machines and the obvious choice for Borealis was Holland Mechanics. The quality of the machine, attention to detail and ease in operation were all major factors in our decision. We have been running our machine for 2 years with great success. The cost savings to our operation has more than paid for the machine and the  consistent quality has been noted by our customers."

Bill Tannen - J&B Importers

"Our long standing partnership with Holland Mechanics has helped us improve the quality and production of Wheel Masters wheels. Wheel Master offers the largest selection of "Box to Bike" wheels in the  industry that provides retailers with an opportunity to reduce their cost of labor and decrease turnaround time on repairs."