Gil Arbel  - Superpedestrian

"荷兰机械为我们的生产线提供关键系统,我们利用Holland Mechanics的专业知识来改进轮辐张紧和车轮修整。 它过去需要花费30分钟,现在小于3分钟。这些机器帮助我们降低了成本,提供了一致的质量,并提高了产量。"

Boyd Johnson - Boyd Cycling

“作为一家公司成长的一部分是跟上需求。 去年我们买了一台荷兰机械的编织机,这有助于我们编织车轮并在车轮上施加少量的张力。 有了这个,可以增加我们的效率,所以我们现在大约一两天就出货,而不是像之前那样两三个星期出货。”

Jeff Bogstad - Trek

“我们Trek一直使用荷兰机械的设备来制造车轮近30年,我差不多在Trek刚开始生产轮圈的时候就在Trek工作了,所以我可以说我对这家荷兰公司非常了解。 在Trek的早期阶段,车轮设计并不是什么大问题。 但是,在过去的十年里,任何追随自行车发展的人都在车轮设计,零部件设计和材料技术方面取得了令人难以置信的进步。 我知道Trek一直致力于生产性能最佳的车轮,同时严格控制成本和生产标准。 Trek依靠荷兰机械支持我们的计划,提供多功能,可靠且始终如一地提供所需规格的车轮制造技术。”

Neil Wilkinson - Superstar Components


"All our wheels are built in the UK using the best equipment in the world. Working with Holland Mechanics who are leaders in wheel-building machinery we have a custom high end build line custom made for quality and accuracy. People like the phrase "hand-build" but to us that means variable quality. With our equipment we know every single wheel is built within 0.2mm accuracy (less than the sticker!), with zero spoke twist and even spoke tension every single build. The computer uses direct drive torque readings and 3 lasers to know exactly what is happening at every point of the rim. We just don't accept "Friday quality" wheels here, Perfect better than hand-build every time!"

"We see no point in trying to mislead, so yes they are built on the best robot available but it passes through several careful hands in the process."


Stephen Kaczmarek - Borealis

"We looked at a lot of wheel building machines and the obvious choice for Borealis was Holland Mechanics. The quality of the machine, attention to detail and ease in operation were all major factors in our decision. We have been running our machine for 2 years with great success. The cost savings to our operation has more than paid for the machine and the  consistent quality has been noted by our customers."

Bill Tannen - J&B Importers

"Our long standing partnership with Holland Mechanics has helped us improve the quality and production of Wheel Masters wheels. Wheel Master offers the largest selection of "Box to Bike" wheels in the  industry that provides retailers with an opportunity to reduce their cost of labor and decrease turnaround time on repairs."