Cost Savings versus Quality

Companies always have to choose to reduce costs or to improve quality. Holland Mechanics, as an innovative company and a supplier to many worldwide wheeljobbers, rim making- and bicycle factories, has the obligation to introduce products which can do both “add quality and save costs”. Cost savings are reached because of automation, efficiency and sometimes component cost savings. The quality improvements are reached because we add high quality wheel components to the wheel.


QLets This tiny little nipple washer is a kind of layer between the rim and the nipple which reduces the friction of the nipple-contact on the rim. This reduction of friction results in an optimal “torque tension relation” for an automatic trueing robot and the touch of a professional hand truer. Therefore wheels build with QLets have automatically a higher spoke tension and a better tension spread. The QLets also protect the nipple and rim from corrosion, it improves the nipple seating and it will reinforce the rim bed because the load will be spread over a larger area. QLets have all the advantages of eyeleted rims but you can use smaller nipple holes which will make the QLetted rim stronger. Also the automatic fitting of the washer during the lacing & tightening process makes it an efficient process. There is no time wasted during lacing and the QLets can be fitted on all kind of wheels, even on customer order.


QLock The QLock thread locking compound prevents nipples from loosening. With today’s special wheels and extreme wheel designs more and more customers have to lock their nipples. Also normal 36 spoked wheels from quality bicycle manufacturers are going to improve their wheels by adding special locking nipples, QLock or other methods to prevent nipples from loosening. Because of this trend in quality and special wheel design Holland Mechanics has developed the QLock Application System which automatically gives a drop of QLock on the nipple of an assembled wheel. The QLock Application System can also be equipped with optional Stabilizing Units which again improve the quality of the wheel. Full eªciency is reached because the QLock Application System stands inline between the Lacing & Tightening machine and the Trueing Robot or after the Robot on customers request.der.


QTape QTape is an ultra light self-adhesive rim-tape. This rim tape is different than traditional rim tape because it is supplied on reels of 4 to 7 km which can do up to 5000 wheels. The QTape Application System (with optional stabilizing units) will automatically fit the rim tape on the wheel and stands inline between Lacing & Tightening machine and the Trueing Robot or after the Trueing Robot. Because of the automatic tape fitting and the strong and thin material, tyre fitting will be faster and easier especially with tight wheel/tyre combinations. Check how many different sizes of rim tapes you have on stock, than you know the added value of a 7 km reel which cuts the rim tape automatically at the right length!


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