A wheel building solution for all; from a minimum of approximately 5,000 bicycles per year (10,000 wheels) its pays off to invest in our wheel building equipment. For starters, we also supply pre-used factory renewed machinery (when in stock).
Using our wheel building solutions translates into clear savings on logistical and inventory costs. But not only that,  our sophisticated equipment offers consistent  quality of the wheels, that are considerably better than hand built wheels.


Hub Filling Station

DSC_4763 - Photoshopped new MMI 400x400

Large Diameter Hub Filling Station

Large diameter hubfilling machine

Easy Cam Lacer

ECL big wheel photoshopped 400x400

Intelligent Single Lacer

ISL New MMI 400x400

InLine Lacer

CN-C 400x400


DSC_6627 - 400x400

Tape & Stabilizing

DSC_5922 - 400x400


Pre stresser front 400x400


DF - DQ - Quattro - 400x400

Tyre Mounting Console

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