The principle of the Pre Stresser is to support the rim and put a load on the hub flange. This way the spokes on one side of the wheel will be stretched and on the other side released. The Pre Stresser can pick up any wheel from 24”- 29” and is equipped with a wheel database whereby force and displacement can be stored for each individual wheel. This process results in equalized spoke tension which reduces spoke breakage.

Automatic Cycle
  • Diameter Range 24 – 29 inch
  • Rim width up to 110 mm
  • Teach-in setup
  • One Cycle Pre-stressing
  • Pre-Stressing Load up to 4.858 N (1.092 lbf) @ 5 bar
  • Wheel Library for 500 wheels
  • One button changes over from memory
  • Individual Load setting per wheel
  • Option to boost up to 9.715 N (2.184 Ibf) @ 10 bar
  • Individual Load setting Drive/Non-Drive side
  • Plastic lining of pre-stressing disk to protect the rim from scratching
  • Pre-stressing Action up to 30 mm travel
  • Individual Pre-Stressing travel limit (mm) per wheel
  • Pressing force is applied on the hub angels (option: on wheel axle)
  • Wheel rolls into machine against machine wheel stop
  • Wheel clamp diabolic positions the wheel in upright position
  • Hub clamps pick up the wheel by the hub
  • Hub clamps position the wheel in the center of the disk
  • Actuators press the wheel to the le‑ and right disks with required force
  • Hub clamps lower the wheel into the machine track
  • Wheel stop releases the wheel and the wheel rolls out
  • Estimated cycle time: ±25 seconds