Pro Truer


The Pro Truer is the semi-hand truer of Holland Mechanics. This workstation is originally designed for the high-end and Carbon wheel market. The Pro Truer is capable of measuring up to 0.025 mm deviation, a value which can hardly be seen by the human eye. Options, which could be added to the Pro Truer, vary from Spoke Tension Measurement Tool to label printer. This way the workstation is configurable and the large touch screen computer is ready for Remote Service.

  • trueing directions to operator given by computer
  • allows exclusive and creative wheel designs
  • no special skills needed
  • hand-finished wheels
  • sitting and standing position


  • air pressure min. 5 bar
  • electrical connection: 230 V
  • power consumption: 0.2 kW
  • sound level: < 70 dB
  • communication: Ethernet, RS-232/FloorView®
  • wheel dimensions: 12”- 30”
  • safety mark: CE
  • dimensions (l × w × h): 1000 × 820 × 1400 mm
  • weight: 65 kg
  • Semi-automatic hand truer for special high-end wheels
  • Any number of spokes up to 48
  • Up to 30 wheels/hour
  • Outside trueing of wheels with internal or hexagon nipples
  • Tolerance +/- 0.025 mm
  • Connection with Robot SG wheel database
  • Fits with digital control networks
  • Communication with FloorView®
  • Trueing of wheels with inverted spokes / nipple in the hub
  • Auto-hand trueing
  • Spoke tension analyser / tensiomatic
  • Different voltages
  • Automatic hub clamping