DC Wheel Trueing Robot


The Robot DC is the most successful Trueing Robot in the world. Every working day more than thousand DC’s are trueing wheels. The DC is manually adjustable to different wheel sizes (from 12”-29”) and has a wheel database where all trueing values are stored. This makes it easy to change-over the machine. The Robot DC is available in different models and is expandable with several option for E-Bike wheels or special spoke patterns.

  • constant quality output
  • high productivity and wheel quality
  • easy to operate and easy to change-over
  • successor of Robot 77: proven technology
  • controlled wheel quality and spoke tensions
  • most economic line in combination with SL lacing & tightening machine Features
  • air pressure: min. 5 bar
  • air consumption: 60 I/min.
  • electrical connection: 230 V
  • power consumption: 0.5 kW
  • sound level: < 70 dB
  • communication: RS-232 / FloorView
  • wheel dimensions: 16"- 28" (optional 12.5")
  • Weight: 450kg
  • High e­ffciency by high volume output
  • Easy manual change-over
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Up to +/- 0.1 mm trueing accuracy
  • Servo motor controlled trueing process
  • MMI touch screen
  • 12” / 14” wheel kit
  • Small nipple hands
  • Multi-languages
  • Handling of loose spoked wheels
  • Black spoke protection plates
  • Different voltages
  • Stabilising module
  • Axle centering and control unit AC