Robot Quattro - Wheel Tightening


The Quattro Tightening Robot is a world patented technology of Holland Mechanics. Customers with a Quattro in their wheelbuilding line achieve a lean production process with predictable wheel trueing times. The Quattro has a self-balancing software feature whereby it can shift from tightening to trueing mode. This Robot is equipped with four nipple hands which tighten every spoke and guarantee that there are no loose spokes. The Quattro is extremely flexible in the fully automatic change-over version and has 100% inline quality control.

  • Stress relief by adding force on every spoke before ‑ final trueing
  • Fully automatic inline process
  • Better seating of nipple in rim
  • Communication with FloorView®
  • Better seating of spoke bend in hub  flange
  • More equal spoke tensions within the wheel
  • Automatic spoke detection
  • black spoke protection plates
  • small nipple hands
  • one hand truing for special wheels
  • axle centring and control unit ACCU
  • different voltages
  • multi-languages
  • Pre-Tightening function at choice: on torque or steps per revolution
  • Most Accurate Tightening: up to 48 steps per revolution
  • Set-up for steps per revolution: drive side and non-drive side
  • High productivity machine for high quality wheels
  • Actuators for step-less spoke angle adjustments
  • Automatic change over
  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.1 mm
  • Black spoke protection plates
  • Small nipple hands
  • One hand trueing for special wheels
  • Axle centering and control unit ACCU
  • Different voltages
  • Multi-languages