The VILLUM has two functions, not only is it a wheel trueing jig but also a measuring device of great precision. With the VILLUM, one has the opportunity to perform tests, at regular intervals, to control the work of the wheelbuilding machines such as lacers and trueing robots. Occuring inaccuracy are spotted immediately and the necessary steps can be taken to deal with the problem. This is quality control.

The wheel trueing jig ensures that your wheels are correctly and accurately trued, meaning that you avoid the possibilities of complaint and subsequent vexation.

The apparatus provides for an exact centring of the hub and an absolutely straight rim and this again means that the wheels run true. The pointers on the indicator show the misalignment of the rim, sidewise as well as excentrical, magnified ten times, so that even the smallest deviation may be corrected.

The control levers, situated on the lower frame of the apparatus, in connection with the pointer in the lower half of the indicator, ensures a true centring of the rim in respect to the width of the hub from nut to nut.