Inline Lacer Pro + Robot OT-Pro



The combination of an inline lacer Pro and a Robot OT-Pro provides endless flexibility in different wheel shapes. This solution is capable of handling all different heights of carbon rims with the possibility to tilt and turn the screw head for optimal nipple contact in angle drilled spoke holes. The robot OT-Pro changes over fully automatically with a maximum rim height of 90mm and accuracy up to 0,1mm. These machines are practically made for for each other to aim for the highest possible quality output ever made by machines.

Intelligent Single Lacer Pro + Robot DC-Pro



The combination of the ISL-Pro and the Robot DC-Pro is also capable of lacing and trueing rims up to 90mm high. Although the ISL-Pro also changes over fully automatically, it is not capable of screwing angle drilled spoke holes. The Robot DC-Pro has the same quality output as the OT, but trues conventional with nipple hands and changes over manually.