Inline Lacer X + Robot OT-X



Inline Lacer X is designed for the assembly of high quality wheel components. The IL-X can lace angled drilled rims up to 100mm wide. All “in between” rims are no problem for this “all-rounder”. Even the more popular disc-brake rims can be run on the machine without sticker scratching. The Robot OT-X can easily be connected to the IL-X. With this combination you can fully automatic true all wheels which come from the IL-X. This means every size between a regular 35mm wide rim and a 100mm.


Single Lacer X + Robot DC-X



The combination of the Single Lacer X and the Robot DC-X is specially designed for Xtreme wide rims up to 100mm. Customers with straight drilled rims can easily lace their wheels with this SL-X, also the rim-driving unit is renewed for disc-brake rims with stickers (anti scratching). In combination with the DC-X Robot which is also designed for wide rims, production time will plunge Xtremely, together with labour costs.