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Chain Cutter


min. 6 bar


400V (change on request)


With an average chain length of 110 links,
6 chains/min


300 kg


15 L/min


2.0 kW


(L x W x H): 1500 x 850 x 600 mm


<84 dB


The Holland Mechanics / Marchetti Chain Cutter is an automated machine designed to precisely cut chains to the desired length. It offers a range of punching modes to effectively handle the links. Adjusting the chain length is a straightforward process using the control module, which will automatically halt the operation once the set length is achieved. Additionally, the Chain Cutter provides convenient access to a designated container for efficiently unloading groups of cut chains. Additionally there is a double loading option to load 2 spools of chain together by turning the cart attached to the chain cutter. For enhanced automation, there is also the option to install a fully automatic unloading system, allowing for seamless re-winding of the chain onto a roll. On average the Chain Cutter can roughly do 6 chains/min with a chain length of 110 links.

链切割机的操作从将链辊放置到机器上开始。将卷筒装入机器中,然后可以通过控制面板轻松配置链条数量、所需长度以及单冲孔或双冲孔循环之间的选择等参数。机器继续对链条进行冲压和分离,将它们按组织有序地存放在容器内。这种创新工具不仅简化了劳动密集型任务,而且通过消除操作员在操作过程中持续监督的需要,显着提高了生产率。从本质上讲,Chain Cutter 是一种高输出解决方案,可大大提高工作流程效率。

  • 输送机和链式担架

  • 带数字显示屏的控制面板,用于设置链条长度和件数

  • 达到设定数量后自动停止

  • 可调节链销弹出,可同时弹出一根销,包括链节组件

  • 链式收集器和卸料组进入合适的容器(托盘、手推车等)

  • 轻松更换链条

  • 自选的: 全自动卸载系统,用于将链条重新卷绕成卷

  • 自选的: Double spool loading cart for easy change-over for spools


Double loading cart

De-winding station

Capable of single / double punching

The chain cutter is capable to punch (cut) the chain in two different ways. The first way is to punch the chain on the end of the chain to detach the chains. The other option is to punch both links on the chain to detach the link.

自选的: Double Loading Cart

The Double loading cart is attached on the front of the Chain Cutter instead of the normal single spool holder. The cart can hold two spools and is easy to change-over by just turning the cart. This allows for a smoother work flow as the down time to change spools wont be an issues.

自选的: De-winding station

The De-winding option is a additional station which can be attached to the chain cutting machine. With this solution the punched chains are rolled back onto the coil, which then can be easily detached and used from the coil.

Holland Mechanics