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Fork Cutter





11 - 14 Sec per Fork

Max. Fork diameter

1" - 1.5" Inch ( 24.4 - 38.1 mm)






(L x W x H): 1910 x 910 x 1630 mm

Thrash bin capacity

0,112 m³
(LxWxH) : 49 x 32 x 7.5 cm


>85 dB

The fast and precise Fork Cutter

Cutting bicycle forks has never been simpler! The Holland Mechanics Fork Cutter can achieve a flawless finish within seconds.

With our Fork Cutter, every cut is engineered for accuracy, ensuring each fork is sliced to your exact specifications. Say goodbye to guesswork and uneven cuts – hello to consistently smooth and professionally faced smooth ends with every slice.

Equipped with a durable sawblade that’s easily changed-over, our Fork Cutter ensures uninterrupted operations and depending on the saw is able to cut Carbon, aluminium and Steel forks. Downtime due to worn-out blades? Simply swap the blade in the machine and resume cutting within seconds.

Keep your workspace neat and organized with our integrated vacuum and trash bin. Carbon, Metal and aluminum pieces are promptly whisked away, while the spacious 112L trash bin makes disposal of cut-off tubes a breeze.

Designed with simplicity in mind, our Fork Cutter features intuitive controls for hassle-free operation. With an average cycle time of just 14 seconds, it offers a perfect balance of speed and precision with a smooth and polished end.

  • Vacuum cleaner and vacuum system
  • Inbuild sawblade
  • Inbuild trash bin on wheels with 112L of content
  • 控制面板
  • Fork holder and clamp 
  • 可部分填充
  • 自我诊断
  • Up to 4 different diameters of fork tubes available for cutting
  • More diameters of fork tube diameters can be added on request
Holland Mechanics