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Motor trueing Robot MT

Air presure

Min. 6 bar, Max. 10 bar


400V 40A (change on request)


±20 wheel p/h (depending on materials)


16" - 21"


4630 kg

Air. Usage





(L x W x H):
Machine: 4100 x 2100 x 2200 - 2600 mm
Electric cabinet: 4000 x 650 x 2350 mm


55 mm - 140 mm


>70 dB

The highest quality spoked motor wheels on the market

With pride we introduce the Holland Mechanics MT robot, designed for crafting perfect spoked motor wheels with utmost precision. This advanced machine is tailor-made to enhance your production efficiency and quality to unmatched levels.

The Holland Mechanics MT robot is built with great attention to detail, ensuring it can effortlessly handle wheels ranging from 16” to 21”. What makes this robot unique is its groundbreaking spoke measurement system, which uses cutting-edge technology based on vibration and sound. This method ensures that each spoke’s tension is accurately calibrated, resulting in perfectly aligned and centered wheels of the highest quality.

To protect your wheels from damage, the MT robot comes with specialized holders and rails that are carefully engineered.

For added convenience and efficiency, you can customize the MT robot with optional features like built-in lighting and a pre-lacing table.

Experience top-notch precision and performance with the Holland Mechanics MT robot, where innovation meets quality. Elevate your production standards and achieve unparalleled success in spoked motor wheel manufacturing.

  • Electric cabin
  • Truing (wheel centring, stabilizing and aligning) machine
  • 4 KUGA robot arms
  • Wheel-database
  • Control unit with self diagnoses
  • Wheel data in machine
  • 启动停止开关
  • Safety parts
  • Acoustic spoke tension  (ASTA)
  • Bright Skylights
  • Manual lacing table, for pre lacing
Holland Mechanics