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Floorline Assembly Conveyor


380/400V (change on request)




Depends on length


1.30 kW


(L x W x H):
Bases: 900 x 1900 x 1300 mm
Segments: 900 x 4000 x 1100 mm


<70 dB


The Floorline is a continuously moving assembly line equipped with bicycle mounts. These mounts are capable of rotating bicycles a full 360 degrees horizontally. The line comprises a head and tail, with additional segments that can be inserted in between as needed. Operators can easily maneuver on one side of the Floorline to access specific components, streamlining the assembly process.

This innovative system minimizes operator discomfort and simplifies the bicycle assembly process. Operators can effortlessly attach a bicycle to the machine’s mount. They have the option to either keep the machine stationary or adjust the line’s movement using the control panel at their discretion. The machine’s speed and interval can be tailored to suit specific requirements. Moreover, the Floorline’s length and overall workstation can be customised upon request. This adaptability allows it to be seamlessly integrated with other assembly machines, ensuring flexibility to meet your unique needs.

  • 人体工学设计
  • 坚固的框架
  • 移动线/间隔
  • 标准360夹钳
  • PLC控制
  • 启动停止开关
  • 头部/尾部安全部件
  • 长度可根据客户要求调整
  • 速度可调
  • 启动停止开关
  • 明亮的天窗,每根柱子上都有灯光
  • 自选的: 通用专用夹具 360 度 X & Y 轴
  • 自选的: 特殊电动自行车夹具 360 度 X & Y 轴
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