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Alignment table

Air pressure

N/A (no air needed)

Elec. connection

230/400V (change on request)


Depends on operator and material


185 kg

Air usage


Elec. Usage

0.80 kW


(L x W x H): 1700 x 1000 x 1200

Sound level

<60 dB

Maintain stringent quality control standards for all frames

The Alignment Table is purpose-built for the precision alignment of bicycle frames, offering features to enhance the linearity of the seat and head tubes and center the frame as a whole. This table also provides a means of meticulous frame measurement to elevate overall quality control. To further aid in this endeavour, the Alignment Table can be outfitted with an electric display that utilizes specialised measuring tools to pinpoint and highlight any errors in the frame. This versatile tool is recommended for use with steel and aluminum bike frames alike.

Using the Alignment Table is a straightforward process: secure the bottom bracket onto the table, then align the front and seat tubes using the available clamps. Once secured, you can initiate the measuring and alignment procedures. This meticulous process empowers you to maintain stringent quality control standards for all frames, ensuring optimal performance and rider satisfaction.

  • Frame tightener

  •  Squaring plane

  •  Frame alignment

  •  Linearity check Seat tube

  •  Linearity check head tube

  •  Optional: Electronic display

  •  Optional: Linearity check fork

  •  Optional: Rear dropouts straightening gauge

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