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Automatic Rim hole puncher - GA

Air Pressure

Min. 6 - 10 bar

Elec. connection

400V (change on request)


up to 175 Rims/hour

Wheel Dimensions

21" - 29"
20" optional


1500 kg

Air Usage

150 L/min

Elec. Usage

8 kW


(L x W x H): 1770 x 1200 x 2400 mm

Max. Rim Width & Height

Width: 15 - 50 mm
Height: 40 mm

Sound level

<80 dB

Create your own rims, save money in the long run

The last machines of the Holland Mechanics rim line is the Rim Punching Machine. This unique, widely adjustable machine has the following features:

• Adjustable for any regular bicycle rim.
• The machine punches rims for most occurring spoke patterns and number of spoke holes.
• The machine can be equipped with two types of punching head:

1  Standard cylinders:
– single wall without dimple
– single wall with dimple

2  High Speed Punching (HSP) cylinders:
– double wall without dimple
– single wall without dimple

• High accuracy on both pitch and offset.
• Hydraulically operated punching cylinders.
• Micro processor controlled.
• Standard equipped with rim loading and unloading system.
• Low investment cost per rim.

This machine is equipped with four punching heads for spoke holes and one punching head for the valve hole.The heads are adjustable radial approx. 15o and axial approx. 10o. Thus spoke holes can be punched and dimpled in the exact direction of the spoke. This punching method allows a maximum contact between nipple head and rim, which improves the quality of the laced wheel.

The punching of double wall rims is based on the so called “High Speed Punching” principle. Since it is not possible to support the first wall when punched, the punching-speed is chosen very high (20-25 m/s). By using the HSP-cylinder all waste materials is automatically removed from the inside of the rim. The clearance for the nipple hole and wheel-building nipple driver is forged to a larger diameter by the punching tool.

Rims with the same diameter can be punched at different spoke hole numbers, simply by changing a parameter on the screen. The rim is indexed by means of a stepping motor. Operation is easily performed by means of a screen in the operating panel. The machine is self diagnostic, occurring errors are displayed on the screen.

  • Punching station double wall/ single wall
  • Control panel
  • Adjustable hole patern
  • HSP (high speed punching technology)
  • 20″ option
  • Safety fence
  • Auto load and unloading
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