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Air Pressure


Elec. connection



Dependable on operator skill
can go up to 30 wheels p/h

Wheel dimensions

16" - 29"


65 kg

Air Usage


Elec. Usage



(L x W x H): 470 x 450 x 140 mm

Max. Rim Width

40 - 500 mm depandable on offset

Sound level

<40 dB

Trueing Jig and measuring device – Villum

The Villum is a dual-purpose tool designed to revolutionize your wheel assembly and quality control processes. As both a trueing jig and a high-precision measuring device, it offers unparalleled functionality for wheel maintenance and assessment. Use the Villum to regularly test and monitor the performance of your wheel-building machines, including lacers and trueing robots, so that any inaccuracies are promptly detected and addressed. This isn’t just a tool; it’s an assurance of quality control.

What sets the Villum apart is its capability to ensure that your wheels are not only correctly aligned but also precisely measured. It eliminates the chances of post-assembly issues, saving you from potential complaints and the hassle that comes with them. The trueing jig is engineered to provide exact centering of the hub and an absolutely straight rim, meaning your wheels will run as true as they should.

With an intuitive display, the Villum’s indicators magnify rim misalignment—both sidewise and eccentric—by a factor of ten. This allows you to correct even the most minute deviations with ease. Control levers are strategically located on the lower frame of the device, and they work in conjunction with a pointer in the lower half of the indicator. This setup ensures the rim is centered accurately relative to the hub width, from one nut to the other.

Whether it’s for routine maintenance or in-depth wheel analysis, the Villum is the comprehensive solution that combines trueing and measuring in one robust unit, elevating your wheel assembly and quality control to the next level.

  • Measuring device with a tolerance of ± 0.025mm
  • wheel manual changeover with levers
  • Height adjustable frame
Holland Mechanics