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Head-cup Press


min. 6 bar

Elec. connection

N/A (no electricity needed)


60 - 120 Cups/hour
(depending on operator and tooling)


200 kg


10 L/min

Elec. Usage



(L x W x H): 840 x 850 x 600

Sound level

>85 dB

Convenient solution for headset cup installation

The Marchetti Head Cup Press is a pneumatisch system designed for efficiently installing headset cups into bicycle frames. This versatile machine allows you to effortlessly select and replace cups to match the headset’s diameter. These interchangeable cups are custom-engineered for specific frames, and the replacement process takes just seconds. With this machine, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to insert headset cups into the bicycle frame.

The adjustable mounting cups can be replaced in approximately ten seconds and are fully adjustable, making the Head Cup Press suitable for frames of all sizes and diameters. To mount the frame, simply place it on the lower cup holder. Starting the machine is a one-handed operation – press the start button while keeping the other hand on the frame. The press then expertly inserts the cups into the head frame. Once the cups are in place, you can release the button. The Head Cup Press is a user-friendly and convenient solution for headset cup installation, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.

  • Highly accurate pneumatisch system

  • Adjustable mounting cups for all cups and diameters

  • Electric single-hand press and release button

  • Dual mounting

  • Protection cover

  • Optional: Tooling on request

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