Robot SG


Air Pressure

Min. 5 bar

Elec. connection

230V (change on request)


100 -120 hubs/hour (36 spokes)

Max. Hub diameter

Up to 100 mm


1025 kg

Air Usage

100 L/min

Elec. Usage

0.5 kW


(L x W x H): 1230 x 1700 x 1230 mm

Spoke length

Between 175 - 310 mm

Sound level

<70 dB

Revolutionize Wheelbuilding with the Hub Filling Station

Welcome to a new era in wheelbuilding with the Hub Filling Station, brought to you by Holland Mechanics. Our cutting-edge solution is poised to transform the way you approach wheel assembly, offering not only efficiency but also flexibility without the need for intricate technicalities.

Streamlined Efficiency: The Hub Filling Station is designed to streamline your wheelbuilding process. It automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing your skilled team to allocate their valuable expertise where it truly matters. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and hello to efficiency.

Wide-ranging Database: With an extensive database encompassing an impressive array of 255 hub options, this system empowers you to customize your wheels with unprecedented precision. Whether you’re seeking standard specifications or unique configurations, the Hub Filling Station has you covered.

Remarkable Speed: Speed and precision go hand in hand. With an average fill time of just 30 seconds per hub, you can expect a significant boost in productivity. This rapid turnaround time ensures your projects stay on schedule, meeting deadlines without compromising on quality.

Industry-Tested Success: Join the ranks of industry leaders who have already embraced the Hub Filling Station. They’ve experienced tangible benefits, including heightened output and substantial cost savings, all while upholding the highest standards of quality.

If you’re ready to take your wheelbuilding process to the next level with a straightforward, results-oriented solution, the Hub Filling Station is your answer. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and precision in wheel assembly. Contact us today to explore how this innovation can reshape your approach, bringing newfound speed and accuracy to your wheelbuilding endeavors.

  • Two versions which can fill nearly all hub/spoke combinations
  • Database for 255 diff erent hubs
  • Touch screen
  • Quick change-over
  • Precise guidance of spoke hole scanning
  • Partial filling possible
  • Ergonomic design
  • Self diagnostic
  • Up to 4 diff erent spoke lengths per hub possible
  • Remote service
  • Spoke binder
  • Database for 999 different hubs
  • Hub rack
  • Extended hub conveyor
  • Larger spoke container (500)
  • Short spoke option (135 - 175 mm)
  • Industry 4.0 ready