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Fork Cup & Nut Assembly

Air pressure

min. 6 bar

Elec. connection

230/400V (change on request)


depends on operator and materials


480 kg

Elec. Usage

2.0 kW

Elec. Usage

4.0 kW


(L x W x H):840 x 500 x 1800

Sound level

>80 dB

Simultaneously mount the fork-cup & star-nut

The Fork Head Cup & Nut Press is an integrated machine designed for the simultaneous mounting of the head cup and fork nut. To ensure compliance with CE guidelines and safety measures, the machine is equipped with a protective cage or a light screen. Additionally, there’s an option to include a metal cover for added safety. This machine is engineered with a versatile system to accommodate a wide range of forks, and for specialised forks, custom tooling requests can be accommodated. Customer tooling can be used on request to meet specific requirements.

The Fork Cup & Nut Press is a heavy-duty workhorse that significantly reduces the need for labor-intensive tasks. It effortlessly clamps virtually any standard fork onto the machine with the steering tube facing downward. Starting the machine is as simple as pressing the electric start button on the right side. The precision required to position the star nut correctly within the tube is a critical task, and the Fork Head Cup & Nut Press excels in this regard, ensuring a straight and accurate mount within a matter of seconds. This streamlined process not only enhances production efficiency but also leads to reduced labor costs.

  • Air pressure hydraulic system

  • Electric start button

  • Star nut press

  • Fork head cup press

  • Fully covered by lexon

  • Universal for all forks

  • Ergonomic design

  • protection cover
  • Optional: lightscreen
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