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Automatic Rim bender

Air Pressure

Min. 6 - 10 bar

Elec. connection

400V (change on request)


up to 360 Rims/hour

Wheel Dimensions

20" - 29"


550 kg

Air Usage

8 L/min

Elec. Usage

2.5 kW


(L x W x H): 7100 x 1000 x 1500 mm

Max. Rim Width & Height

Width: 15 - 35 mm
Height: 25 mm

Sound level

<70 dB

Create your own rims, save money in the long run

The Rim Bending Station is equipped with four rollers. The main three rollers bend an oversized spiral and the fourth roller is correcting the spiral into the required diameter. With this technology, differences in extrusion are eliminated as much as possible. The extrusion profiles are automatically loaded by the supply table. After the rim spiral is unloaded the Rim Bending Station automatically starts with a new profile.

The rim can bend up to 360 rims a hour and can pay itself back in just a few months

  • Profile strip length of 6200 mm supply station.
  • 3 coil Bending station
  • Automatic unload
  • Rim serial code printer
  • Extended supply table
Holland Mechanics