Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains; preload



Air Pressure

Min. 5 bar

Elec. connection

230V (change on request)


40 -120 wheels/hour

diameter RANGE

16" - 29" inch
12" optional


450 kg

Air Usage

100 L/min

Elec. Usage

0.5 kW


(L x W x H): 1230 x 1700 x 1230 mm

max rim width

100 mm

Sound level

<70 dB

Wide Axles and wide rims – Robot DD

The Robot DD, a specialized wheel truing robot engineered for unparalleled efficiency and exceptional truing quality. Tailored for Fat bike wheels and adept at accommodating wide eBike axles, it’s a production powerhouse, much like its counterpart, the Robot DC.

What sets the Robot DD apart are its remarkable advantages that elevate production processes:

  1. Efficient Fat Bike Wheel Handling: Crafted for swift and precise handling of Fat bike wheels, including those with widths of up to 100mm. It’s a game-changer for streamlining production, meeting various production needs, especially for rugged off-road biking.

  2. Seamless eBike Axle Compatibility: The Robot DD seamlessly integrates with wide eBike axles, a pivotal component in electric bicycle wheel production. This ensures a seamless workflow, enhancing both speed and quality.

The Robot DD isn’t just about efficiency; it’s also about delivering uncompromised truing quality at every turn. It’s precision-engineered to meet the exacting requirements of your manufacturing process. Whether you’re producing wheels for challenging terrains or electric bicycles, trust the Robot DD to elevate your production efficiency while consistently delivering top-tier truing quality. It’s the epitome of precision and speed in wheel truing.

  • High volume output
  • Easy manual change-over
  • Self diagnostic
  • Touch screen interface
  • Constant quality output
  • Able to handle fatbike and eBike rims
  • 12” wheel kit
  • Integrated stabilize unit with SSP (step sequence program)
  • Axle control & correction unit (ACCU)
  • Small nipple hands
  • Black spoke & nipple protectors
  • Quick electric change-over option
  • eBike kit
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • One-hand trueing (easy adjustable)
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