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Terms & Conditions

Holland Mechanics’ Terms and Conditions.

We take our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction seriously. That’s why our terms are built on a solid foundation: the European guidelines provided by ORGALIM for the tech industry. These guidelines lay out the general conditions for the supply of mechanical, electrical, and electronic products. By doing business with us, you’re agreeing to these terms, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial relationship.

The ORGALIM 2022 General Conditions

A set of guidelines and terms that lay out the ground rules for the supply of mechanical, electrical, and electronic products. These conditions serve as a standard agreement between suppliers and buyers, aiming to make business transactions smoother and more predictable. Covering aspects such as delivery, payment, and warranties, the conditions provide a framework that’s designed to be fair and transparent for all parties involved. This document is a go-to reference for professionals in the industry, helping to navigate the complex world of supply and procurement. Understanding the ORGALIME 2022 General Conditions can give both suppliers and buyers a clear picture of what to expect from each other, reducing the risk of disputes and promoting a more efficient business relationship.

Holland Mechanics