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Brake Sleeve Cutter


min. 6 bar

Elec. connection

400V (change on request)


Max. speed 589 mm/sec
(note that actual times may vary)


300 kg


10 L/min

Elec. Usage

2.0 kW


(L x W x H): 1500 x 850 x 600

Sound level

<84 dB

Cut any cable to length

The Brake Sleeve Cutting machine is a valuable asset for bicycle assembly factories seeking efficient cable management from large rolls. This approach offers remarkable flexibility in cable customization. The machine is electronically adjustable through the control panel, ensuring cable cuts to precise lengths with minimal waste. For added versatility, an optional cable spool rack facilitates quick transitions between different colors and thicknesses.

Using the Marchetti Brake Sleeve Cutting machine is a breeze and can be tailored to any cable length and diameter. Simply thread the wire through the safety clip and into the machine. The machine securely clamps the wire using drawing rollers to straighten it. You can effortlessly configure the desired cut length through the control panel. As a result, the machine consistently delivers precise cuts according to the programmed quantity, all in under five seconds. This brake sleeve cutter is a reliable, accurate tool that simplifies the task of cutting brake wires, offering unparalleled flexibility to handle various wire types and thicknesses.

  • Control panel

  • Grinding wheel saw

  • Group clamming sleeve

  • Discharge unit sleeve

  • Control groups presence sleeve

  • Drawing rollers

  • Regulator for driving sleeve

  • Drive unit of the sleeve

  • Optional: Cable spool rack

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