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Moto Robot Quattro - MQ


Air Pressure

Min. 5 bar

Elec. connection

230V (change on request)


40 - 80 wheels/hour
depending on components

Wheel Dimensions

15" - 23"


800 kg

Air Usage

80 L/min

Elec. Usage

1.5 kW


(L x W x H): 2150 x 1050 x 1300 mm

Max. Rim width

2.5" (can be expended on request)

Sound level

<70 dB

The motor wheel trueing machine, Adding some speed and quallity

Introducing Moto Robot Quattro: Speed up your Motorcycle Wheel Production!

The Future of Motorcycle Wheel Assembly: The Moto Robot Quattro is not just another machine; it’s the world’s very first automatic tightening robot designed for motorcycle wheels. Get ready to experience a paradigm shift in wheel assembly that will leave you in awe!

Unmatched Versatility: With a swift changeover capability, Moto Robot Quattro seamlessly adapts to different wheel types within seconds. It’s a game-changer for motorcyclists, offering compatibility with wheels ranging from 15” to 23” with a 2.5” width. For wider wheels, contact us.

Boosted Speed: Our cutting-edge solution isn’t just about automation; it’s about accelerating the wheel production process. When combined with Robot MT and Moto Inline Lacer, the speed of motorcycle wheel assembly skyrockets, setting new industry standards.

Seamless Transition, Every Time: What makes Moto Robot Quattro truly special is its ‘Inn principle’ – a concept that simplifies automatic changeovers. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to predictable continuous flow.

Effortless Handling: Supporting even loose laced wheels, this innovation improves output and simplifies handling, making your motorcycle wheel assembly more efficient than ever before.

Guaranteed Tensioning: With Moto Robot Quattro, you can rest assured that every spoke is precisely tensioned, enhancing the durability and performance of your wheels.

Mass Production, Redefined: Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to a predictable mass production system. Our solution ensures constant quality output, so you can meet the demands of the modern motorcycle industry.

Precision & Control: With automated torque settings for both front and rear wheels, Moto Robot Quattro ensures the highest level of quality control, leaving you with wheels that are built to perfection.

Get ready to embrace the future of motorcycle wheel production with Moto Robot Quattro. Speed, efficiency, and quality like never before.

  • communication: RS-232-optical/FloorView®
  • Four lacing hands to increase trueing speed
  • Better seating of the nipples with moto-technologys
  • different voltages
  • multi-languages
  • Automatic change-over version
  • Axle control & correction unit (ACCU)
  • Auto pitch
  • Black Spoke & nipple protector plates
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