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Manual Rim Production Line

Spoke hole technology

You can change the Puncher/Driller station with an other spoke hole technique as shown here below. Ask us about the machinery needed from us.



Fixed Eyelet


Line extensions

The Holland Mechanics rimline is a modular concept. For the manufacturing of rims you only need three machines but you can extend the line with other Stations like Brake Surface or Eyeleting. These machines can be easily connected to the line which makes it an integrated unmanned system. If you are interested in the extra machines for different spoke-holes or clean brake surface, feel free to contact us and we will show and inform you of the possibilities with the line.
Create your own rims, save money in the long run

Holland Mechanics 4-Steps Rim Process is the Budget-friendly rimline production option. The 4 machines manual rim production station, includes a rim bender, rim saw, rim pinner and a rim puncher/driller that have to be handled manually wit a operator. The benefit is the budget, but it’s less efficient then the Holland mechanics Automatic rim production line.

Like the Automatic the line can be adjusted for additional machines like the side wall – brake surface cleaner.

For more information about this line and what it can mean for your production, feel free to contact us.

  • Includeds rim bender, saw, pin and puncher
  • Additionally has alternative ways of creating holes in the rim.
    • Eyelet 
    • Drilling
    • Dimpled
  • Can extend the rimline with brake surface application
Holland Mechanics