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New! A space efficient and cost effective alternative for bicycle assembly

Introducing the Holland Mechanics Bicycle Assembly Station – the ideal solution for those seeking a factory-friendly and budget-conscious alternative to the Holland Mechanics Airline Assembly Conveyor Line. Our Bicycle Assembly Station is designed to cater to various production needs.

Introducing The Holland Mechanics Bicycle Assembly Station – The Ideal Solution For Those Seeking A Factory-Friendly And Budget-Conscious Alternative To The Holland Mechanics Airline Assembly Conveyor Line. Our Bicycle Assembly Station Is Designed To Cater To Various Production Needs, Offering Flexibility And Efficiency. Choose From Three Different Configurations: A Single Hook With 1 Clamp, 2 Hooks With 2 Clamps, Or 4 Hooks With 4 Clamps. Tailor The Assembly Process To Your Specific Requirements By Equipping The Station With A Selection Of Three Different Clamps. Experience Seamless Assembly With Our Versatile Bicycle Assembly Station, Ensuring A Cost-Effective And Space-Efficient Solution For Your Manufacturing Needs.

Easy to Attach with the Special HM clamp

The Holland Mechanics clamp is easily attachable, we currently have 3 clamps depending on your needs. The standard clamp that can turn 360° in only the X-axis and the Special and seat-post clam that can be used to turn in both the X & Y axis. These clamps can be used to hold heavy weight and are eBike compatible.

360° degrees turnable in both X & Y -Axis

De Bicycle Assembly Station is a ergonomic and space friendly way to assembly bicycles. The special clamp allows the operator to turn and place the bicycle in any angle which allows for easy access for assembly.

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