Warranty terms for Holland Mechanics BV The Netherlands
for delivered machines based upon a normal working day of 8 hours

Holland Mechanics BV, Purmerend, The Netherlands, guarantees the items of equipment constituting the above described machines to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, subject to the conditions set forth below.

However, in no event may any claim be asserted under this guarantee by anyone other than the first user of the system, nor may any claim be asserted under this guarantee later than twelve (12) months following the date of delivery of original Holland Mechanics & Marchetti machines as indicated above. Date of delivery means date of loading the machines into truck for transportation by road or further by ship.

This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

Holland Mechanics' obligation under this guarantee is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective part or item of the machine; all other damage and claims, statutory or otherwise, being hereby expressly waived by the purchaser. Holland Mechanics may discharge this obligation in full either by repairing the machine(s) or by shipping to the purchaser F.O.B. or sending by post a similar part for exchange of the defect part.The purchaser of the machine(s) must notify Holland Mechanics in writing within 30 days following the discovery of the defect part and return de defective parts or item franco to Holland Mechanics. Holland Mechanics will examine the defective part and will agree or not agree in its sole judgement that the part or item of the machine(s) is in the fact defective.

Flight, travel, hotel and daily expenses for the Holland Mechanics service engineer are excluded from this guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover products of another manufacturer beyond such guarantee as was made by that manufacturer to Holland Mechanics and which continues to be in effect on the date when enforcement is sought.

This guarantee does not apply to any failure or damage incurred through neglect, lack of maintenance, misuse, accident, improper installations, redesigning or repair of equipment or through any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Holland Mechanics.

No distributor or other representative of Holland Mechanics is authorized to commit Holland Mechanics to any guarantee agreement other than the present guarantee.

This guarantee is in lieu of all other guarantees express or implied including the guarantee of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose and in no event will Holland Mechanics be liable for any consequential or incidental damages.

Extension of the guarantee does not imply an extension of the original guarantee period.

The guarantee period does not start again after delivery of a spare part and/or service visit carried out on guarantee base.

Holland Mechanics BV, Purmerend, The Netherlands